Active Swimwear

Welcome to Bodds  Active Swimwear

I designed and created Bodds Active Swimwear with one simple aim; to protect my daughter.

Dismayed by swimwear choices for preteen and teenage girls from the high street and online, I endeavoured to develop a range of fashion focused, supportive swimwear specifically designed for growing bodies.

By working with and listening to what girls wanted from their swimming costumes, Bodds began to take shape. Requests included something they felt confident in, wouldn’t rise up when they jumped around, would support their bodies as they changed during puberty and yet also enabled them to grow into young women; feminine shapes and fashionable colours.

However, as the product ideas evolved over the course of a year, so did the ethos of the business. I always wanted to build a responsible company; to try to do the right thing within the confines of my abilities. To that end Bodds endeavours to use materials that seek to reduce waste dumped in our oceans, and to only work with manufacturers who treat employees fairly.

Be part of our journey; follow Bodds Active Swimwear on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest; or ping me an email. The idea is for Bodds to grow with us and our children; if there is a certain design feature you would like to see in a future product, let me know what it is, why it would be great and together we can create and encourage confident, active individuals who just happen to be dashing about in a Bodds!

For extra special discounts, introductory offers, news and developments as we grow email me, claire@boddsswimwear quoting INTRO. (Your personal data will not be shared and will be kept confidential).  

Thank you for being part of this amazing Bodds family,

Much love